Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Three Summer Goals

As I laid on the couch last night, after warming up a quick dinner and streaming an episode of Gilmore Girls, I'd realized it was the first time I'd taken time out for myself in months. I forced myself to lay down because my upper back was virtually on fire from the amount of pain my muscles were in. It was a stressful week. The tightness in my shoulders and lack of activity, beside my normal yoga routine, had finally gotten to me. Feeling run down and waves of exhaustion rushing over me isn't normal for me. However, there I was falling asleep during the first 15 minutes of the episode.  It's been a tough few months, that much I simply cannot lie about. 
I woke up this morning dreaming of a beach side view and a whole new lifestyle that would keep me happy and active and depended on my constant movement. Despite my absence on posting, I'm stagnate 3/4 of the day. It's not something or someone I ever thought I would be. It's a strange phenomenon and it frightens me a bit. Is this my existence? Behind a screen without mobility?

This month, I have put together three challenges that I will be working on:

1) Taking time out for myself 

This includes yoga, of course, and meditation but also taking care of myself. Allowing myself to enjoy peace time in the park, at a cafe or working on my doodles.

2) No spend month (No additional spending except basic needs)

That's right. I'm taking this challenge by the horns. This month I am focusing on free activities and spending my money wisely so I can expand my savings. This weekend I have a girls trip that's already paid for so minimal spending is a must to stay on point. 

3) Be more active 

As summer hits it's biggest months here, it's very important to take advantage of the long evening daylight. Come winter, I'm a miserable bug who hates mornings and wants to nest. I will be saving for a winter trip this year to see my friend, the sun. However, in the meantime, I've got to take advantage and go hiking, play outside, paddle board and sign up for running events. New goal for the summer is a nice 10k. 

What do you do to keep yourself busy and healthy?

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