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Best Kitchen Candles from Anthropologie

Espresso, Coconut Milk Mango and Volcano candles from Anthropologie by Capri Blu, Illume and Springs Eden

Candles are a unique phenomenon that I am consistent in. If there's a fragrance that I love, regardless of memory I will return to it with the same adoration.

For a little under a decade, Anthropologie** has housed a haven of favored scented candles that I continuously come back to. The packaging can change and the sizing can vary but their savory aromas are exactly the same. This alone causes these tins, jars and decorative glasswares to be my "go to" gifts for my kitchen happy comrades.

I'd like to preference that these little gems are not strictly for the cookery. Oh no no, dear salad lovers. These candles are great from the boudoir, central living space and the guest bathroom.

Volcano Candle by Capri Blue next to Simply Classic JLS cookbook

Capri Blue Jar Candle, Volcano: This is Anthropologie's signature scent. It's also burning in their stores, often right at the front when you walk in. It's often described as whimsically passionate with soft fruity and floral notes. It's an artisan soy candle, made in Mississippi and ca burn for up to 85 hours in the 19 oz jar. It has been sold in a variety of sizes, tins and jars, especially during the holiday season. Above, my Dad gifted it to me in a beautiful opal jar with a rose gold tinted lid. My, now, favorite packaging style!

This is a staple candle at Anthro. It's always there, day or night. I recommend this as a gift for your gals that love light florals but are also your #girlboss besties. This scent carries through out my whole apartment and often makes me feel creative and powerful in my own skin. It's a great gift to give and comes in a size as small as 4.5 oz for $12. The perfect "pick me up" present for those having a tough day and/or Valentine's Day!

Beautiful floral tin candle holding the scent Coconut Milk Mango by Spring's Eden

Spring's Eden Candle, Coconut Milk Mango: One of my favorite candles to always have on hand around the apartment. What I love about is, not only is this scent exclusive to Anthro but it goes through a re-packaging phase every so often. Which means, this candle eventually can go on sale! I've grabbed this fruity gem in multiple sizes through out the years and it's always fun to see what style they come up with next. I recommend getting the 12.75 oz tin because it's more product for your buck (32 hours of burn time) but the 11 oz watercolor glass is a beauty. 

Now, keep in mind, I'm a bit bias. I tend to purchase this luxurious vanilla, mango, papaya dream for myself because I love the reaction when people step into my place. It often gets the reaction "Oh my, it smells like paradise! What is that?!". Needless to say, it's a personal love so I don't tend to gift it out often because I'm a wee bit selfish but it's great for anyone who loves a quality spring air. 

Ceramic jar with metal lid with Espresso scented candle by Boulangerie

Illume's Boulangerie Jar, Espresso: The perfect gifting candle for any coffee lover. Sure, a mug is great and a bag of organic locally produced coffee beans fits the bill just fine but this is something no one else is going to gift your friend. Do you have a friend that's the type of person that wished they lived above a coffee shop so they can smell the sweet glory of roasted coffee all day long? Well, now you can grant them that wish without a bill for the movers! This 6 oz jar of love with 35 hours of burn time is any cafe lovers dream. 

Note, I gave this luxe treasure to one of my best friends as a birthday gift and she loved it. She's a huge candle fan, coffee drinker and book nerd. She said she would be burning this in the evening when she just wanted a quick scent of delight. This jar also comes in my sister's favorite, Angel Food (which they may only sell in-stores right now) and my other favorite gift candle, which is Lavender Shortbread

What are your favorite candles for the kitchen? Do you often buy candles for yourself or as a gift? 

** Disclaimer: The Salad Trip is not associated or sponsored by Anthropologie at this time. This post is a review on the company and products from my personal experience and adoration for the brand. I am not paid or otherwise collaborating with Anthropologie at this time. **

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