Sunday, January 15, 2017

How to Start a Supper Club

Clever Bottle, Seattle. Savory Pretzels on white plates with mustard, rosemary and mulled wine.

Salad Lovers! I started a supper club!

What's a supper club, you ask? - Great question. Supper club is a circle that dates back to the early 1930s where , generally, women would get together, drink a lot of wine and trade of recipe dishes to their girlfriends. In modern times, us moderns gals have revamped this idea in trying new and different restaurants in the city to recommend to family, friends and co-workers who are in town visiting, etc.

The reason I wanted to have a supper club is because there is another group of gals that have been holding a meeting once a month and these girls all became great friends outside of their group. They actively try and get together and they try to make each event new and different. I desperately wanted something similar but with a really fun event at the end of the year. So here's how I got mine started:

  1. Word of Mouth - I asked three friends if they were interesting in starting a club to meet new women in the city and they each agreed to bring a friend. Next thing I knew, we had a club of 6 - 7 ladies! 
  2. Start a Facebook Page for your Club - It sounds so modern but it's honestly the best way for everyone to stay in touch. I added my three friends, gave them permission to add friends, added a group name, photo and published it. 
  3. Create a Poll - Facebook has a poll that you can add to your Group Wall and you can choose best dates from there and places you want to try. 
  4. Find the Perfect First Meeting Spot - Intimate settings where you can speak and are allowed to be a little loud work very well for this. Much like a date, think of how you want people to feel when you're meeting them for the first time. Comfortable, interested but also and adventure.
  5. Set the Rules - Let's be real, there really isn't a rule book for a supper club but much like a book club you are there for a purpose. Let your group know what your interests are for the meetings. Ask if they always want to meet at a restaurant or if they would be open to dinner and a show or  a wine tour in the summer. 
  6. Plan for Next Month's Meeting - Super important. As I've said before, adulting is hard. The best advice I can give is to plan your next meeting immediately. Plan a date that works best and a neighborhood. This way you all have something to look out for and contribute to, e.g: 01/25 in Greenwood or Ballard. 
  7. Follow up - Create a new event on your Facebook Group's Wall so your new friends can add it to your calendar. Make sure to create a poll for the next spot OR ask the group if they have suggestions! 
  8. Have Fun! - You just met a brand new group of gals that you're going to develop a friendship with. Be excited and be open to new ideas, events and activities. This is no longer "your" supper club, it's theirs too! 
P.S. Photo from Clever Bottle, Seattle, WA. Savory mustard pretzels with warm mulled wine. 

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