Monday, January 30, 2017

First Supper Club Meeting: Bottlehouse, Madrona, Seattle

Glass of wine by candle light next to a laptop at Bottlehouse, Madrona, Seattle

We had our first Supper Club at one of my favorite little secret spots in the city. This is a local favorite, not many people know about it and it's off the beaten path a bit. You have to take the 2 all way down to Madrona park and it's a lovely 23 min commute, from downtown, when you don't have your car.

This little oasis is gorgeous in the summer and spring. I fully plan to write another post for you about them, come June. The patio will be open then and they will have little twinkling lights outside with white wine pairings and rosé that's light and crisp and fresh.... I wish it were summer!

Bottlehouse, Madrona, Seattle, in the winter is just as beautiful. The atmosphere is this light and airy feeling through out the old renovated home. It has darling chalkboards with specials written on them and promoting bands that come to play on the weekdays. The menu changes frequently to the seasons and the food. They offer full wine bottles, a glass and a taster. The staff is WELL versed in their wines and all of the cheese and meat plates are prepped to match the wines on your table, e.g. a Camembert cheese was served for the Colosi Nero d'Avola red wine I ordered. They also give a full history of the meats and cheeses and why they did the pairings!

What I love about Bottlehouse is being able to explain what I would like and always get exactly what I want in that moment. I was there this past weekend and I asked for: something savory that holds well on the back of your tongue, almost lingers, and I'd love for it to be red. Voila! She came around with the Colosi Nero d'Avola and I was in utopia.

It's a wonderful experience and I was delighted that the girls took to the spot so quickly. Since this was our first meeting, we kept it light, with apps and wine, to get to know one another. We spoke about what we wanted to get out of the club, our careers, boyfriends or lack there of, dating apps and what we also liked to do outside of work. We found out we had a few hard core readers and a few active junkies (me). All around it was the perfect place to meet for our first rendezvous. 

I recommend this local fave to any guy or gal looking to get away from the city for awhile. It's definitely a place that takes you beyond a dream world and into a little piece of heaven. Everyone is inviting, its a terrific, quiet, and secret date spot and it's also perfect to meet with the girls.

All in all, our first supper club meeting was a success and I believe that part of the reason for that was because Bottlehouse is so warm and charming.

I'd love to hear from you if you've been or if you plan to go. It's one to keep on the books!

photo of the bottlehouse red wine and rose menu

Wine bottles lined up on a shelf at Bottlehouse, Madrona, Seattle.

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