Monday, April 10, 2017

This Week's Kitchen Sink Trip Salad

This is one of those posts that's going to be all "I threw everything in this salad cause I didn't want it to go bad".

There, now that that has been cleared up. You got it, I threw everything from the veggie draw into this salad.

This post is fun simply because this is how I used to make salads all the time after a long week or running about and not being able to swing into the grocery store. Okay - or I was too lazy to run to the grocery store. I've been insanely busy the past few weeks with wrapping up my JLS organization, working through the first and helping my parent pack up their house to move. It's been so busy that I've had issue keeping up with my Paleo challenge. A very hard time. When my mom makes a sandwich or BLTs, they're hard to pass up!  

My mom was kind enough to give me some of her lettuce and so I did have lettuce on hand.

I added a hard boiled egg that I made earlier in the week for another salad. Last week I tried something new in the crock pot for the pork shoulder I had in the fridge and it just didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to. I suggest making my original recipe from Pulled Pork Kalamata Apple Salad Bites, if you're thinking about making your salad similar to mine.

There are some minor pros and cons to this salad. Sometimes you get wilted greens or you go to grab your dressing only to find that ... you need to make a new batch.  Spoiled food it the absolute worst. I always feel terrible when I allow food to go to waste. So keep in mind, when you get home and have your heart set on cucumbers that aren't up to par, well that's just how this salad goes.

So this is this week's kitchen sink salad. It might be this month's depending on if I make another one. I'm not planned out at ALL like I usually am, but I'm happy and I suppose that's what matters most. When you're just coasting through life. Huh, I suppose a kitchen sink is symbolic for my life. Everything thrown together but it somehow works...

Anyone else's life like a kitchen sink this month?? Just me? okkkkay.

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