Friday, August 12, 2016

5 Ways to Destress on the Weekend

Hello Friends!

Happy Friday! Living with someone, anyone, can be such a fun lifestyle. There have been a lot of things that I have learned from each roommate that I've ever had. My parents had a major impact on my childhood life. My college roommates all taught me something, whether it's how to be a good friend, how to study or how to cook Hawaiian Pineapple Pork Chops. Later on when I moved to Florida, I had a roommate teach me how to make coffee drinks from an espresso machine (very valuable for saving money and life-pro tip!). When I lived with my cousin, I learned sometimes the person you're living with really needs a friend to help them get through something.

My current roommate, R, is totally different from me and it's the most interesting living situation I've ever been in. She's a morning person, I don't believe anyone should speak to me before 10am. She does all her chores before I even get up and I run the dish washer at 9pm. We differ but we make a great team. We were speaking to one another a few weeks ago and I was intrigued to learn that one of the reasons she agreed to live with me is because she knew she'd learn how to better take care of herself physically. She has a tendency to over do workouts, hit a plateau because she's over training or gets sick easily because she burns her body til the wick is gone.

She recently asked me what it is I do to make sure I don't burn out or get sick. To be clear, the reason this post is being written now is because there was a great deal of thought that had to go through my mind before I could give her a worthy answer. Once my wheels were done turning, I thought I'd share my results with you!

1) Don't be a Prick 
You're probably laughing at this or thinking "what a waste of time this post is". However, in my humble opinion, being nice and letting your mind and heart and soul be empowered by love is a far more beautiful thing than hate has to offer. The minute you find yourself talking smack or judging someone, you let in darkness. You let in inferiority, pain and the ability to be vulnerable. Show others respect and more importantly show yourself respect. If you don't respect yourself and live in your true heart than you're going to be open to self consciousness, fear and then anger. Love yourself! In a world full of hate, be kind to yourself. You really are doing your best.

2) Eat Right and Eat Slowly
Enjoy your food. Enjoy healthy, hearty, nutritious meals! It's takes a lot to have a lifestyle change but the outcome is positive. You'll love your body and your mind on greens, savory proteins and herbal teas. They don't say "Your body is a Temple" because its cute. They say it because you only have one and you should treat it like it's the most precious thing you have. You only have this one body on earth. Why hurt it with over eating foods that don't give you any value except fat storage? You don't need that in your life. So, next time you sit down to eat your Healthy Cilantro Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad take your time and enjoy it. You're doing something right for your body that deserves praise.

3) Find Something You Love and Hold on Tight
This can literally be anything. Find something you love to do. Something that trips you up when you try to talk about it. Yoga, painting, dancing, gardening, playing soccer, learning to paddle board. Whatever it is that you love, hold on to it. Give it your all when you're doing it and throw everything you've got into your practice. This is all about having patience with yourself, learning and growing and watching yourself move and perfect yourself throughout this life. Don't push away when frustrated, work through it.

4) Bring Your Heart Rate Down
The most important one. Take time for yourself. This is really hard to do for people who go, go, go all day long. Trust me, I know. I do much better when I'm running from yoga class to a brunch and then hoping on the train to meet up with another girlfriend downtown to buy a birthday present. Sometimes life is scheduled to the brink. Let me be perfectly clear here, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this lifestyle. However, you are the people who need this time the most because you're more prone to getting sick. Schedule an hour for you. Read. Post something to Instagram. Bake. Be free for one hour and it will make you stop and see what's around you, what you're missing. Let your muscles relax and let your body just be in the moment.

5) Eat the Damn Dessert
Guys, this shouldn't surprise you as my love for dessert is as strong as ever. Moral of this lesson is to Treat Yourself. Don't hold out on life's fun gifts! The shoes that you want? Should be bought when you can afford them or, better yet, worked to earn them. Whether that's mental work or literal earnings. Buy a massage! Lay in the grass with your friends enjoying a bottle of Rosé. Everything in moderation. My life is lead by an 80/20 lifestyle. 80% of the time I am healthy and strong. 20% of the time I live in the moment and do and eat what I want. Be nice to yourself and show yourself some love.

I hope these 5 distressing tips were actually helpful. Let me know your favorite way to decompress and live your life to the fullest.

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