Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The "No Spend Month" Challenge Meal Planning - Week 2

Continuing on with my No Spend Month series today. This time I'm bringing you week 2's Meal Planning list. This week was a bit of fun because I got to really focus on trying something new. I stuck to my week 1's rule of trying a new recipe but the first was week so so successful financially because I noticed how inexpensive soup and salads are to make.

This realization formed the basis of my meal planning schedule every Sunday. A soup, salad, a side and another entree of my choice.

This week I went with a lovely beef soup that was chocked full of veggies. Potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, everything you love. It's super hearty and very easy to make. Surprisingly similar to a beef stew but without taking as long too cook. I found it on pinterest by another blogger. (See below for the link and week 2 plan. )

Adding on a salad is always important but I won't lie to you. I tried a recipe and it honestly didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to. It was a huge disappointment so I'll leave the name but I won't link it because I was too bummed about how it didn't work. I definitely ended up eating 3/4 of the batch though because it's what I made for lunch and by week 2 I had already gotten the hang of not spending any money. Honest, once I saw my money still sitting in my account ... I wanted it to say there.

I knew I was making quality changes at that point.

Here was my Week 2 List!

Granola + Soy Yogurt
Banana, Mango & Raspberry Smoothie
Perfect Almond Milk Iced Lattes

Lunch/Dinner Alterations:
Vegetable Beef Soup - by The Recipe Critic
Brussel Sprouts and Bacon
Asian Quinoa Slaw Salad

Apples or Nectarines
Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (just a handful!)

My co-workers tend to think I'm a fairly healthy person. Which, perhaps, that's how my life is lived. I want to say that I love life though and I think it's pointless to lie when it comes to things as silly as meal planning. So yes, you read that correctly. I had half a bag of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips at my desk from making a batch of brownies for my team a few weeks back. Milk chocolate has milk in it, which won't mix well with my stomach but semi-sweet doesn't...It would be a lie to say "they didn't get me through my week". Haha.

What's your guilty pleasure?

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