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Fried Egg Quinoa Breakfast Salad Bowl

White bowl with quinoa and cabbage salad inside with an egg on top, next to a blue coffee mug with fish on it.

The best thing about leftovers is that it gives you the opportunity to get creative with your meals. I'm a breakfast person but I like my meal sometime after 9 o'clock. In fact, normally around 10am is my ideal time so this might qualify me as more of a brunch person.

My ideal breakfast is granola with soy yogurt (obviously I would choose , specifically, Tillamooks Marionberry yogurt if I could. It's significantly cheaper and tastier). I'm also a big smoothie fan. I tend to leave big breakfast items for the weekend for brunch with the girls.

However, this week I had to get creative. I had left over quinoa from a salad I made and just didn't know what to do with it. So, my creativity streak kicked in. What I love about making up recipes, from scratch, is literally being able to add everything I love. This thought, in and of itself, makes me incredibly happy. Example: GARLIC

You heard it hear first, beware, it's my favorite and that's my not-so-secrect ingredient to this yummy breakfast bowl. That, and a fried egg placed right on top.

This bowl started with a wok pan. Surprise, surprise! I grated my left over green cabbage and added it to my garlic infused olive oil. (You were warned.) I let that sit for about a minute on medium high and then mixed it. I added a clove of garlic and then added the quinoa. Since I love Italian seasoning I decided to keep this one light by only adding oregano. Once all warmed up and mixed, I place it in a bowl and started on my fried egg. I seasoned it with a little salt and pepper and added it on top of the cabbage mix.

I think the best part of this easy bowl is opening the yolk and having it seep into the quinoa. The flavors are fun and hearty and if kept me full for a lot longer than I expected. I'd never though of quinoa for breakfast and I'm happy this came together so well. Such an easy meal to prep for breakfast, especially in preparation for Fall. Simply add an egg and you're ready!

A white bowl with quinoa and cabbage that has been sautéed

Image of a white bowl with quinoa, cabbage and a fried egg on top.

Image for Recipe of a fried egg in a bowl atop quinoa and cabbage
Fried Egg Quinoa Breakfast Salad Bowl

Cabbage and Quinoa tossed and warmed in a skillet to perfection. Quick, easy hearty and delicious with a glorious fried egg on top. A lovely way to start a Fall morning. 

Recipe by: The Salad Trip

- 1 Cup Pre-Cooked Quinoa, leftovers
- 1 Cup Grated Cabbage
- 2 Tbs Olive Oil
- 1 Clove Garlic
- 1/4 tsp Oregano
- 1 Egg
- Salt and Pepper for taste
- (optional) Green Onion for garnish


Add 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil to pan, I used a wok because I like to toss the mix while in the pan. Add cabbage to medium heat and allow to sit for about a minute before mixing. Cabbage takes a bit longer to heat than expected.  
Add garlic clove and, again, allow to sit and mix together for another minute. Follow the garlic with your left over/pre-cooked quinoa and cook until warm, mixing every so often. Once warmed, remove from stove and add to your bowl.
Use the same pan to warm another tablespoon of olive oil for your egg. Once warm, add egg directly to your oil and allow to fry up until the yolk is to your liking. I flip mine over because I like mine a little less runny. There's not right or wrong way! Add salt and pepper.
Add to bowl, break egg and enjoy!
Optional additions: Add Green Onion for garnish.


Prep time: 5 min  Cook time: 5 mins  Total time: 10 mins  Yield: 1 Servings

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