Friday, May 27, 2016

That Yoga Life Tho

Hard wood floor with yoga mat. Photo taken standing on yoga mat with Painted Toed Feet.

Never in my life have I considered myself a Yogini. "That would just be crazy" was literally my mantra. Though, for the past 10 years I have taken yoga classes and am fairly more familiar with the practice than most. Over the past few months, something has seriously changed in my lifestyle to where I feel my mat calling me to it. Not literally, that would probably be defined as "crazy" but its a feeling I have been unfamiliar with.

Over the past few months, I found a new studio and started practicing regularly (3x a week). Since restarting my yoga lifestyle I've progressed more over this amount of time than ever in my yoga practice. I was finally able to not only get into Bakasana/Crow Pose (aka Crane Pose)  but held it for the first time ever. It's just as hard as you think it is but once you find out where your gaze should be and when you should brace your stomach your pride boosts like none other. It's definitely an arm workout but what has really surprised me in how much it has strengthened my abs! There's a physical difference in the inches around my waist. I don't know if I've felt this strong since high school.

Yoga has an interesting rep. There are people that believe Yoga=Life. There are people that believe that Yoga isn't really exercise and it doesn't have ability to help you lose weight or have actual health benefits to it. I used to be indifferent. Now I will say that with the proper schedule, diet and mind set, you can definitely get some kind of affirmation from it. I'm happier, healthier, stronger and far more focused. It's strange how I've walked my life so long without this practice. I find myself researching, you-tubing and asking my instructors about poses daily. I've never been excited or had the self confidence to push myself to try something I've never done before. It's empowering and, have I mentioned strengthening? Guys, you should see my arms!

I could probably talk about this all day. Perhaps today was such a terrific class that I just had to share my light with you.

Hope you have an amazing day.

Namaste ♥

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