Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Washington Fall Chicken Waldorf Salad

A glass bowl filled with mixed Chicken Waldorf Salad on white marble and next to apple slices

Traditional Waldorf is one of my favorite salads. They're a rarity in Seattle, despite my love. You're probably wondering what makes this salad specifically targeted to Fall and Washington State and that's a darn good question. The truth is in the apples.

Washington is known for their apples and this particular apple, a Braeburn, is only available in the Fall months and into Winter (October thru March). Didn't know you were going to learn about apples types today, huh? Well, this will surprise you: though I am a city girl by day, in my heart I am a girl who grew up picking apples, peaches and berries along the back roads outside of Portland, Oregon. Not a cowgirl by any means, but I know my apples well enough to know when they're going to be sweet and flavorful.

These apples are delicious but they tend to cost a bit more due to the limitation on their growth. They're worth every penny, promise. Try to go for the ones that look extra crispy without any soft spots and don't be scared to smell them. I smell every apple I put into my basket.

As for the recipe, I stuck with the traditional Waldorf. The only thing I slacked on was the "good mayo" because Thanksgiving is around the corner. I'm a busy gal. I barely had time to go to the grocery store never the less make my own mayonnaise. This is a no-judgement zone, friends.  I also didn't make my own chicken. Shhhhhh...

Majority of the recipe is chopping so it's great for when you have a busy week and only have time to stop off at the grocery store for a rotisserie chicken. All you need to do is cut it up when you get home. Beware of bones! Once cut up, refrigerate overnight. I think this salad is best cold and I make it similar to a Brown Derby Cobb Salad: any veggie you can find in the fridge. This one has chopped celery, romaine (finely chopped) and green onion.

Mix, toss in the mayo, add your diced up apple and chow. Just thinking about it makes me want to make it for dinner right now!

Let me know how the recipe goes, mes amies!

Two small glass bowls filled with mayo and rotisserie chicken. Another medium glass bowl with chopped romaine, green onion and celery. Next to a Washington State Apple.

P.S. I think this would work well with left over turkey from Thanksgiving. Food for thought!

A glass bowl filled with mixed Chicken Waldorf Salad on white marble and next to apple slices
Washington Fall Chicken Waldorf Salad 

A gourmet salad made easy with the seasonal and crisp Braeburn apple, rotisserie chicken and all of your green friends combined with a good mayo.

Recipe by: The Salad Trip

- 1 cup Rotisserie Chicken
- 3/4 cup Braeburn apple, cubed
- 2 Stalks Celery
- 1 Green Onion, including stem
- 3 Romaine Leaves, finely chopped
- 1/4 cup Quality Mayo


Cut up rotisserie chicken and refrigerate over night.

Chop up celery, green onion and romaine. Set aside.

Chop up Braeburn apple into cubes.

Add greens, apple, 1/4 mayo and 1 cup chicken to a large bowl. Mix until fully combined.

Sit down, dish out, take a picture, post to instagram, #thesaladtrip and enjoy!


Prep time: 6 min  Cook time: 0 mins  Total time: 6 mins  Yield: 2 Servings (3 if you're extra extra nice)

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